Sunday, June 27, 2004

the onion lives

and for those who were wondering, so do i. i have completed the first 2 of 9 weeks of russian school, and am currently breaking all laws and common decency by reading and writing in english. anyway, don't forget to read the onion all the time. the the> new iraqi flag

apologies if there are any problems with this post.. i am doing it by email.

Friday, June 18, 2004

russia, putin, the waaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr

putin says russia gave bush info on terrorism - ny times

Russia gave the Bush administration intelligence after the September 11 attacks that suggested Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq was preparing attacks in the United States, President Vladimir Putin said Friday.

Putin said he couldn't comment on how critical the Russians' information was in the U.S. decision to invade Iraq. He said Russia didn't have any information that Saddam's regime was actually behind any terrorist acts.

``After Sept. 11, 2001, and before the start of the military operation in Iraq, the Russian special services, the intelligence service, received information that officials from Saddam's regime were preparing terrorist attacks in the United States and outside it against the U.S. military and other interests,'' Putin said.

He said President Bush personally thanked one of the leaders of Russia's intelligence agencies for the information. There was no immediate comment from U.S. officials.

Ok. I was really going to refrain from doing this at russian school, but damn it. i was reading this in russian. just as a measure of how clever putin is, remember, he was the first to realize how valuable sept. 11 would prove to the international security community. he was the first to call and offer his condolences to bush on september 11, and he was the first to realize how his state could capitalize on the tragedy. the brutal ethnic repression in chechnya changed overnight from a question of ethnic separatism to international terrorism. that putin was so brash as to offer information that iraq was planning terrorist attacks is both amazing and totally unamazing. if people trusted the sincerity of putin's cooperation in the war against militant islamists, i think this should raise some questions. first of all, when Iraq was crawling with weapons inspectors, they weren't doing A THING. they weren't making weapons, they weren't planning attacks, they weren't funding radical islamists in a significant way. (i'm sick of hearing about how hussein gives money to the families of palestinian suicide bombers. that's not sponsoring terrorism, it's a nominal bone to throw at the tatters of the now discredited idea of pan-arab nationalism. the suicide bombings would and will continue with or without money for the bombers' families. if israel wanted to end the suicide bombings it would stop destroying the bombers families' houses). The invasion was a total sham, because the weapons inspectors made the whole 'imminent threat' deal a giant sham. The administration can throw words like that out at press conferences, and then when and if the media starts to question their veracity, all of america has already found a friends rerun to watch.

i'm just going to stop here. i worry that the NKVD might be listening in. double deuce to the war on terror from middlebury vt. scott rose, signing out.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

The New York Times > Week in Review > The Public Editor: An Electrician From the Ukrainian Town of Lutsk

The New York Times > Week in Review > The Public Editor: An Electrician From the Ukrainian Town of Lutsk

an excellent article. i think the times just might be recovering.

Yahoo! News - Retired Officials Say Bush Must Go

Yahoo! News - Retired Officials Say Bush Must Go: "A group of 26 former senior diplomats and military officials, several appointed to key positions by Republican Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, plans to issue a joint statement this week arguing that President George W. Bush has damaged America's national security and should be defeated in November. "

The signatories

Although not explicitly endorsing Sen. John F. Kerry for president, 26 former diplomats and military officials, including many who served in Republican administrations, have signed a statement calling for the defeat of President Bush in November. Their names and some of the posts they have held are:

Avis T. Bohlen — assistant secretary of State for arms control, 1999-2002; deputy assistant secretary of State for European affairs, 1989-1991.

Retired Adm. William J. Crowe Jr. — chairman, President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Committee, 1993-94; ambassador to Britain, 1993-97; chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1985-89.

Jeffrey S. Davidow — ambassador to Mexico, 1998-2002; assistant secretary of State for inter-American affairs, 1996.

William A. DePree — ambassador to Bangladesh, 1987-1990.

Donald B. Easum — ambassador to Nigeria, 1975-79.

Charles W. Freeman Jr. — assistant secretary of Defense for international security affairs, 1993-94; ambassador to Saudi Arabia, 1989-1992.

William C. Harrop — ambassador to Israel, 1991-93; ambassador to Zaire, 1987-1991.

Arthur A. Hartman — ambassador to the Soviet Union, 1981-87; ambassador to France, 1977-1981.

Retired Marine Gen. Joseph P. Hoar — commander in chief of U.S. Central Command, overseeing forces in the Middle East, 1991-94; deputy chief of staff, Marine Corps, 1990-94.

H. Allen Holmes — assistant secretary of Defense for special operations, 1993-99; assistant secretary of State for politico-military affairs, 1986-89.

Robert V. Keeley — ambassador to Greece, 1985-89; ambassador to Zimbabwe, 1980-84.

Samuel W. Lewis — director of State Department policy and planning, 1993-94; ambassador to Israel, 1977-1985.

Princeton N. Lyman — assistant secretary of State for international organization affairs, 1995-98; ambassador to South Africa, 1992-95.

Jack F. Matlock Jr. — ambassador to the Soviet Union, 1987-1991; director for European and Soviet affairs, National Security Council, 1983-86; ambassador to Czechoslovakia, 1981-83.

Donald F. McHenry — ambassador to the United Nations (news - web sites), 1979-1981.

Retired Air Force Gen. Merrill A. McPeak — chief of staff, U.S. Air Force, 1990-94.

George E. Moose — assistant secretary of State for African affairs, 1993-97; ambassador to Senegal, 1988-91.

David D. Newsom — acting secretary of State, 1980; undersecretary of State for political affairs, 1978-1981; ambassador to Indonesia, 1973-77.

Phyllis E. Oakley — assistant secretary of State for intelligence and research, 1997-99.

James Daniel Phillips — ambassador to the Republic of Congo, 1990-93; ambassador to Burundi, 1986-1990.

John E. Reinhardt — ambassador to Nigeria, 1971-75.

Retired Air Force Gen. William Y. Smith — deputy commander in chief, U.S. European Command, 1981-83.

Ronald I. Spiers — undersecretary-general of the United Nations for political affairs, 1989-1992; ambassador to Pakistan, 1981-83.

Michael Sterner — deputy assistant secretary of State for Near East affairs, 1977-1981; ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, 1974-76.

Retired Adm. Stansfield Turner — director of the Central Intelligence Agency (news - web sites), 1977-1981.

Alexander F. Watson — assistant secretary of State for inter-American affairs, 1993-96; deputy permanent representative to the U.N., 1989-1993.

well, i'm doing a lot of copying and pasting, but i figured this was worth spreadin' around

Saturday, June 12, 2004

russian school

russian school

yeah, so i'm back at middlebury. i won't have internet access in my room until monday or tuesday. everything in my room is broken, and i don't have a trash can. also starting sunday i'm not allowed to speak/write/read/hear english. so, bye forever.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Bush's comments on torture

The President Sidesteps a Question About Whether Torture Is Ever Justified

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush said Thursday he ordered U.S. officials to follow the law while interrogating suspected terrorists, but he sidestepped an opportunity to denounce the use of torture.
Bush's comments came as a 2-year-old State Department document surfaced warning the White House that failing to apply international standards against torture could put U.S. troops at risk.

"What I've authorized is that we stay within U.S. law," Bush told reporters at the close of the G-8 summit in Savannah, Ga.

Asked if torture is ever justified, Bush replied, "Look, I'm going to say it one more time. ... The instructions went out to our people to adhere to law. That ought to comfort you."

"That ought to comfort you." Well, George, as angry as I am, I'm not the one who needs comforting. INTERNATIONAL standards for the treatment of prisoners of war are in place to protect everyone. The idea is reciprocity. But because the world knows how we treat prisoners of war our soldiers and citizens abroad are in greater danger. The Bush administration may think it's ok to play coy and call all these people enemy combatants, but in the eyes of the world POWs are POWs, and if a state refuses to treat POWs by the rules it suffers the consequences. It ought to comfort our dead and our missing.

ray charles. Photo © Reuters

Yahoo! News - Music Icon Ray Charles Dies in California at Age 73

Yahoo! News - Music Icon Ray Charles Dies in California at Age 73

now this is a man worth mourning for a week. maybe we can put him on the $10 instead?

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Voters Shift in Favor of Kerry

Voters Shift in Favor of Kerry

hurrah! the numbers are improving, but, importantly:

Yet in a measure of the race's tenuous balance, Times polling in three of the most fiercely contested states found that Bush had a clear advantage over Kerry in Missouri and is even with the presumed Democratic rival in Ohio and Wisconsin.

Yahoo! News - Brigitte Bardot Fined for Inciting Racial Hatred

Yahoo! News - Brigitte Bardot Fined for Inciting Racial Hatred:
She told the court France was going through a period of decadence and said she opposed interracial marriage.
'I was born in 1934, at that time interracial marriage wasn't approved of,' she said.
'There are many new languages in the new Europe. Mediocrity is taking over from beauty and splendor. There are many people who are filthy, badly dressed and badly shaven.'
In her book, she also attacks homosexuals as 'fairground freaks,' condemns the presence of women in government and denounces the 'scandal of unemployment benefits.'
Bardot's attacks on Muslims prompted anti-racism groups to launch legal proceedings against the former star, who turned her back on film after 46 films to concentrate on animal welfare.
Bardot, who in her 1960s heyday was the epitome of French feminine beauty, was fined $3,250 in January 1998 after being convicted of inciting racial hatred in comments about civilian massacres in Algeria.
Four months earlier, a court fined her for saying France was being overrun by sheep-slaughtering Muslims.

So, I have a modicum of sympathy for courtney love, if only because no one has locked her up yet. This woman needs to fall under a bus.

D-Day in Iraq

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: D-Day in Iraq:

It is hard to know whether to laugh or cry when you hear President Bush comparing D-Day to the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the war on terrorism.

Just wanted to excerpt a little thought I found myself sharing with Tom Friedman this morning. The rest of the article isn't too sharp, but Friedman hasn't been lately either.

NY Times Editorial - Honors For Reagan

The New York Times > Opinion >Honors for President Reagan

There will be plenty of ways Americans can further honor his memory in the months ahead. But Congress should not rush to alter American currency as a reaction to the passions of the moment. Even Mr. Reagan's most ardent fans should be calling for restraint, lest we wind up with a frenzy of new but short-lived currency designs. Some years need to pass so the country has more perspective on the Reagan presidency. Whatever honor the Treasury then accords him will be more meaningful, not to mention more enduring.

While I agree in principle with this editorial's assertion - that legislators should not rush to put Reagan on any currency - I think this editorial falls terribly flat. The main argument is that we, as mourners, shouldn't let our high emotions get the better of us. Needless to say, the NY Times editorial board is not going to be reconsidering the merits of Reagan currency in a few years either, but set that aside. The article makes no mention of the fact that Kennedy and FDR were rushed onto currency about a year after they died. Argue against Reagan all you want, but don't be a hypocrite about it. There's clearly been ample precedent for liberal icons being rushed into the treasury right after their deaths, so to suddenly call for calm when Reagan dies is a little obnoxious. Personally, I'd love to see everyone agree to set this matter aside for 5 or 10 years because by then all the flag waving will have died down and everyone will forget how much they loved ronald reagan right after he died. This editorial just struck me as ridiculously insincere and patronizing.

Kurds' "Victory"

Kurds Win Round on Constitution

Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said Wednesday that his government would adhere to the interim constitution agreed to in March until elections are held next year, in an effort to defuse, at least temporarily, a looming crisis with the Kurdish leadership.

In a statement issued by his office late in the evening, Dr. Allawi's spokesman, George Hada, declared the new government's "full commitment" to the interim constitution until democratic elections are held later this year or in January.

As a follow up to my rant yesterday, I wanted to comment on these 'developments.' The headline of the NY Times article is misleading (though not the body of it)- the Kurds haven't really secured a victory so much as they secured a reaffirmation of a promise that was already made to them. Key words in the quote above are: until democratic elections are held later this year or in January. The conflict is just being delayed, and I'm really no more optimistic about the state builders' prospects of finding any real consensus or concord. These little disagreements and misunderstandings are an inevitable result of the bargaining process, but I fear they will create greater suspicion and mistrust among the interested parties.

sabotage/ambush on summer street

although i can't prove it, i suspect that jim's service center intentionally and maliciously set up an obstacle on summer street today with the express purpose of giving me a flat tire. here are the facts: this afternoon i ran over some flattened piece of junk in the road, which looked vaguely like a caulking gun. it put a big whole in my rear driver's side tire, which was completely deflated by the time i rolled 25 feet down the road into the possibly offending service station. the mechanic was standing out there with the air gun waiting for me! or he might have thought i was getting gas. but he jacked my car up and put on my spare without even asking if i wanted him to. i did, of course, because he had one of those gun things, which makes getting the bolts off way easier. anyway, watch out for that guy. guerilla mechanic. to his credit, he only charged me 5 bucks, which seemed like a pretty good deal. it would have been a pain in the ass to change it myself in the muggy 90 degree weather. but still, the look in his eye...

Kristof: Poems of Blood and Anger

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: Poems of Blood and Anger:
Knock the dust off your boots, my boy,
It's time to ride again.
The frontier has gone restless now
And we must crush this rebellion. . . .
These people understand only violence,
So let's give it to 'em now.
We'll ride 'em down like Cherokee;
We'll trample 'em like Pueblo.
These savages are ruthless;
They understand no law.
So we'll pick up our Peacemakers,
And shoot 'em like Choctaw. . . .
Rally round the flag, my boy,
And grab your rifle, too.
The Red Man's turned Brown, my boy,
And there's a lot of peacemaking to do.

granted it's not literary genius, but i thought this anonymous poem from a second lieutenant was worth spreadin' around.

Yahoo! News - Global Military Spending Soars in 2003

Yahoo! News - Global Military Spending Soars in 2003:
"STOCKHOLM, Sweden - World military spending surged during 2003, reaching $956 billion, nearly half of it by the United States as it paid for missions in Iraq (news - web sites), Afghanistan (news - web sites) and the war on terror, a prominent European think tank said Wednesday.

The money has been effective in waging war, but threats of terror and weapons of mass destruction still exist, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.
Military spending rose by 11 percent, which the group called a 'remarkable increase.' The amount was up 18 percent from 2001.
The $956 billion spent on defense costs worldwide corresponded to 2.7 percent of the world's gross domestic product, according to the annual report.
'It's very close to the Cold War peak in 1987,' said SIPRI researcher Elisabeth Skoens, who co-authored the report. "

Wow, if Reagan won the Cold War singlehandedly by outspending the U.S.S.R., President Bush will probably have won the war on terror in another year or two. Way to go, boys! Now if only we can figure out where that Osama creep keeps getting his team funded... I'm not going to go into a whole rant right now about the hypocrisy of Bush's support for the Saudi dynasty, but here are a few takes on the matter.

I don't pretend to be giving unbiased coverage here. i threw in fox news merely because everyone recognizes the connection, but not everyone agrees on how responsible it is. Especially of the note is the House of Bush link - Craig Unger's work,
House of Bush, House of Saud, which was an NY Times Bestseller and is featured in Michael Moore's upcoming documentry Fahrenheit 9/11.

radio advertising

Ok. Another thing that needs to be addressed. What ad agencies in southern maine are coming up with these garbage ads? has anyone heard the ads on WBLM? or those irving mainway ads? or the one about neighbors saving eachother 6 cents on gas? and then returning yard tools? what the hell? are people stupid enough to enjoy these ads or what? how did you feel about winning those chips, frank? how did that feel?

New MoveOn ad

Photo © Move On

A still from the new ad. Throw in a few bucks to get this on the air.

Reagan on Rushmore??

Survey Results

So I was going to post a link to some speculation about the ultimate GOP wet dream: Reagan on Rushmore. The site had one of those little surveys - should he be added. yes/no. well naturally i had to throw in my 2 cents. as of when i voted the results were 40% yes 60% no. with about 3000 and 4400 votes, respectively. Now, I don't know what kind of readership this site has...but regardless, it struck me as one of those benchmarks of american idiocy.

Yahoo! News - Courtney Love Charged With Attacking Woman

Yahoo! News - Courtney Love Charged With Attacking Woman: "

i'm so tired of hearing about this woman. sure, it's a sad story, but why hasn't she been tucked away in a clinic or hospital someplace yet? it's not good or merciful or forgiving to let people run around hurting themselves and others for years on end. i'm all for leniency with substance abusers and giving people chances to turn their lives around, but enough is enough. also, a note on media coverage. sure, she's kobain's widow, and sure, she was singing in a band for a while, but why is she still headline news? granted yahoo's bullet list isn't notorious for it's thorough and incisive coverage of world events, but there must be a few more noteworthy things happening?


it's been brought to my attention that today is, in fact, wednesday. this means that i will also be in kennebunk tomorrow despite what i've been telling everyone. ok. i'm still working on the links at the bottom of the right panel - i have more upstairs that i'm waiting to post. let me know if any of them appear broken, or if you have some ideas for additions.

The Onion is #1

Picture © The Onion

Although my inclination was to post links to all the things I enjoyed in the recently posted online version of The Onion, I think it would be easier to just make a blanket recommendation for this week.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

last day in kennebunk

today's my last day in kennebunk before russian school. anyone want to help me pack? i'll be back for about a week and a half at the end of summer (august 14-29th) before i fly to russia on the 30th. if i didn't catch you since school ended, i'll catch you then. i'm going to go take a shower and have lunch with drew at feds. i feel like packing probably never gets done if it's not the last minute.

site design

i just finished playing around with the site design. it's mostly the same as it was, but i changed some of the style sheet stuff from the original template. i'm going to post a list of links on the right sidebar sometime soon. feel free to lavish me with compliments, or tell me if i messed up any of the links/formating/readability. Everything looked ok on my computer, but i imagine these things vary somewhat.


so apparently the bugs are evolving faster than my window screen. when i sit in my room with the lights off at the computer, as i often do, these little gnat creatures fly through the window screen. they bounce around at my computer screen, and then fly into me. where did these come from? i never had a problem with them until i came home from school a few weeks ago. i guess i'm going to go uproot some of the tikki torches in the backyard.

recently on instant messenger

oo The Dude oo: so it turns out that it is not "I am the sun and the air" but rather "I am the son and the heir."
ten paces later: heh
ten paces later: i recently discovered the expression was "don't look a gift horse in the mouth"
ten paces later: as opposed to my earlier understanding of it
ten paces later: "don't lick a gift horse in the mouth"
ten paces later: a truism i thought to be self evident
oo The Dude oo: here I thought I was such a champ resisting the urge to lick my present on my 10th birthday
oo The Dude oo: I think it should be don't lick a gift poison dart frog in the mouth

Wow. I'd never seen this. Let me tell you, if you're just sitting around reading about the Lakers, it's time to play The Bush Game. i have seldom seen such technical engineering and political savvy in one internet game.

The Reagan Comparison (

Froomkin: The Reagan Comparison (

Another interesting and somewhat optimistic take on the reagan-bush situation. Froomkin thinks that Bush might actually fare poorly if the media accurately assesses Bush's attempts to compare himself to Reagan. I worry that the mainstream TV media won't be so daring, though. The major outlets don't seem to have any interest in criticizing, or even assessing the 'Mourner-in-Chief' for the days, weeks, months we'll be mourning even while he attempts to capitalize on the period. We'll see, i suppose.

re-post: quit smoking

so last night i was up in portland hanging out with michael and watching the led zeppelin dvd he just bought. long story short - michael now smokes a lot of cigarrettes, which reminded me of this very excellent cartoon from i think it's funnier than that endoftheworld cartoon (but i am le tired..) that's been floating around on the net. anyhow, enjoy. tell me what you think.

i guess the link above might not work for some people because it is a zipped exe file, which will cause some virus scanners to freak. try right clicking the link and selecting 'save as..' or if that fails go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says Smoke Kills and click the java link to cmotpet'. that will play it as an applet. it's worth the effort, i think.

NY Times - Kurdish Threat to Withdraw Is Creating a Crisis for Iraqis

The New York Times >Kurdish Threat to Withdraw Is Creating a Crisis for Iraqis

Ok. So when we were hearing about the imminent threat from Iraq, the WMD, the human rights abuses, the tyranny and the terror connections, it seemed like a pretty small counter argument: maybe, just maybe, once we topple Saddam we won't be able to prevent the eventual balkanization of Iraq in a gory civil conflict. All of a sudden, there are no weapons of mass destruction, we're repeating the human rights abuses at abu gahraib and elsewhere, Iraq appears no closer to a permanently liberal government, there never were any legitimate concerns about connections to Islamic terrorism, and most perilously for the Bush administration: the terrorists are NOW in Iraq. So where does that leave us? Well, right were we knew we'd be - with an over extended military, a conflict that we're rapidly losing control of, and rapidly failing faith in our good intentions. The Pentagon was protecting Iraqi Kurds from Hussein for a good decade or so, but no one seemed to give much weight to the geopolitical realities of Iraq or the hostilities that exist within the 'Iraqi people.' I really do hope a compromise can be found so that some sort of liberal federalist system can be created in the eventual Iraqi constitution, but I'm not optimistic. The great and successful constitutions of liberal democracies were born of necessity, and the problem with Iraq is that we haven't convinced the various peoples of Iraq that they share a common future. Why should the believe they do? The Bush administration decided from the outset that it would not permit a 'balkanization' of Iraq despite the state's remarkably unnatural creation. Now - it's a decision they have to live with, for better or worse, because we all know that this administration doesn't make mistakes and doesn't turn back when they do.

I apologize for the rant, but it's frustrating to see these wide eyed reports as if no one ever saw this coming. Anyone who had a knowledge of Iraq or its history had to see this coming. Had there been an imminent threat, had there been a connection to radical Islamist groups, had there been a commitment to protecting human rights, and had there been an interest in improving the hopes for Iraqis futures, a bit more consideration would have been put into 'winning the peace.' And had there been any of those things, it just might have been a war worth considering. It doesn't take a lot of reading between the lines to see what the administration's stated and actual goals were, and now that the evidence is in, it doesn't take a left wing radical or a conspiracy theorist to find the truth.

Reagan to boot Hamilton from the $10 bill? - Jun. 8, 2004

Reagan to boot Hamilton from the $10 bill? - Jun. 8, 2004

although i'm not looking forward to seeing the gipper on any of my currency, i guess i'd rather see him boot hamilton on the $10 than FDR on the 10¢. hamilton lost to AARON BURR. not many die with that kind of shame. anyway, turns out i'm not the first or the last to speculate on a possible reagan $10's appearance, but it's clear that i am the greatest master of photoshop. cnn probably copied theirs from someone.

AP News - Ex-President Bush Set for Parachute Jump

Ex-President Bush Set for Parachute Jump

as many problems as i have with current and recently deceased republican presidents, i can't help respecting this guy. i met bush 41 a few times back when i worked at seascapes in cape porpoise, and he really came across as a pretty intelligent and down to earth guy. anyway, if he has a heart attack jumping out of a plane on his 80th birthday, i hope everyone with reagan's blood in their teeth will take a moment or two to calm down. george h.w. deserves some credit when you stack him up against the administration he was vice president in and the administration that congealed around his son.

The Freeway Blogger

Photo copyright The Freeway Blogger

There are some better pictures on the website.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004


i just bought nabokov's lolita and simic's selected early poems on i'm not going to be able to read them until about a year from now.

quit smoking

so last night i was up in portland hanging out with michael and watching the led zeppelin dvd he just bought. long story short - michael now smokes a lot of cigarrettes, which reminded me of this very excellent cartoon from i think it's funnier than that endoftheworld cartoon (but i am le tired..) that's been floating around on the net. anyhow, enjoy. tell me what you think.

Middlebury Russian Summer School

so for those of you i haven't already complained to, this is where i'll be spending the next nine weeks of my summer. russian immersion. the good news is that i should be considerably more comfortable speaking before august 30th. these people look like they're having fun, right?


Alphabet Cinema - the webpage

there's a casting call for jack and lance's movie this saturday in kennebunk. thought i would pass the word along.

saturday june 12, from 10am-2pm
kennebunk high school 89 fletcher st

we're casting an entire town- we need anyone and everyone to come, tourists, families with children, women 50-70 to plat tourists, bike racers and more- several speaking roles available.

contact the producers at

bike racers contact

...and i'll already be back at school by then. three weeks of summer was pretty quick.

Monday, June 07, 2004

ny times reagan editorial

since abby has disappeared without a trace i've been hopping around through the news. i thought the ny times' editorial on reagan was well done.

granted, there's no reason to get angry about reagan all over again just because he died, but there's really no use in forgetting his failures and shortcomings just so we can have happy cnn specials. this article points out a lot of the parallels between the reagan and bush 2 administrations, and it serves to remind that any prolonged glorification of reagan for the sake of good ratings is a boon for the bush. and to hell with that.

Yahoo! News - Diebold Halts Top Execs' Political Gifts

Yahoo! News - Diebold Halts Top Execs' Political Gifts: "Diebold Inc., criticized last year for selling electronic voting machines while its chairman raised money for Republican political candidates, has banned its senior executives from making such donations.

The company's board of directors last week passed an amendment to its business ethics policy, according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (news - web sites). It states that top Diebold officials 'may not make contributions to, directly or indirectly, any political candidate, party, election issue or cause, or participate in any political activities, except for voting.'
Walden W. O'Dell, Diebold's chairman and chief executive officer, was criticized in August 2003 for having a $1,000-a-plate Republican fund-raiser at his suburban Columbus home. In a letter inviting people to attend, O'Dell said he was 'committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year.' "


thought this was great.

Strindberg + helium


Strindberg + helium

now that i have a weblog that i can pretend everyone is reading, i can use it to point out all the great and awful things i find on the internet. come play with us herr strindberg! many thanks to a famous canadian for pointing this one out.


excellent. as you can see from the alpaca below, i have figured out how to post photographs. ok. more later.

alpaca - test photo post


so i've created a weblog. i bought a digital camera recently to bring to russia and this seemed like the easiest way to post pictures, comments, stories and what not for anyone who wants to keep track of me. i haven't really figured out this whole site yet, but i'm pretty sure you can comment on my posts. you, who might be reading. so go ahead and do that if anything comes to mind.