Thursday, June 10, 2004

sabotage/ambush on summer street

although i can't prove it, i suspect that jim's service center intentionally and maliciously set up an obstacle on summer street today with the express purpose of giving me a flat tire. here are the facts: this afternoon i ran over some flattened piece of junk in the road, which looked vaguely like a caulking gun. it put a big whole in my rear driver's side tire, which was completely deflated by the time i rolled 25 feet down the road into the possibly offending service station. the mechanic was standing out there with the air gun waiting for me! or he might have thought i was getting gas. but he jacked my car up and put on my spare without even asking if i wanted him to. i did, of course, because he had one of those gun things, which makes getting the bolts off way easier. anyway, watch out for that guy. guerilla mechanic. to his credit, he only charged me 5 bucks, which seemed like a pretty good deal. it would have been a pain in the ass to change it myself in the muggy 90 degree weather. but still, the look in his eye...