Thursday, June 10, 2004

Yahoo! News - Courtney Love Charged With Attacking Woman

Yahoo! News - Courtney Love Charged With Attacking Woman: "

i'm so tired of hearing about this woman. sure, it's a sad story, but why hasn't she been tucked away in a clinic or hospital someplace yet? it's not good or merciful or forgiving to let people run around hurting themselves and others for years on end. i'm all for leniency with substance abusers and giving people chances to turn their lives around, but enough is enough. also, a note on media coverage. sure, she's kobain's widow, and sure, she was singing in a band for a while, but why is she still headline news? granted yahoo's bullet list isn't notorious for it's thorough and incisive coverage of world events, but there must be a few more noteworthy things happening?