Saturday, July 17, 2004

fischer caught

Fischer nabbed in Japan

so they finally found bobby fischer. chances are most of you haven't been following his whereabouts over the past handful of years, but he's been turning up quite a bit lately. ...just this time he's in custody. the interesting thing is that he's apparently still playing chess - in the past few years he's claimed that he's only playing a variant he invented/made popular, called fischer random. the general idea is that the pieces on the back row are mixed up before the game so that standard opening theory doesn't apply. keep an eye on this story in the coming weeks if you were left with any sympathy for fischer after that doting film. anyway i couldn't help but point this article out... as offensive and obnoxious as he's been over the past few decades, he's still a terribly intriguing figure in my book. who knows... maybe he'll come back? korchnoi is still playing and winning at 74. too bad about pissing off the IRS, though. that's going to be a pain in the ass.