Friday, July 23, 2004

putin's kremlin security routine

this article is translated from pravda, but i snatched it from johnson's russia list. because i am lazy about how i collect my news. anyway, it's funny.
July 23, 2004
Kremlin provides absolute security for top officials

It is not ruled out that the Russian president will soon fly to work by

The Central Clinical Hospital, known for the Russian initials as CKB, has
always been the place where foreign guess of the Communist Party stayed for
treatment - the elite of all communist parties of the world. Doctors often
prescribed them to rest in the Crimea, in the Caucasus, or in the Moscow
region. The hospital has a special block for the Russian president, which
was previously meant for secretaries general of the communist party. It is
a large three-room suite, where the president can work and hold meetings.
According to world standards, the inviting side should provide high-quality
medical aid to a foreign leader in case of an accident, or unforeseen
circumstances. The top official's motorcade should be escorted with an
ambulance vehicle. ER doctors have specific instructions: if something
happens, they will take a guest to the CKB for the medical aid and 24-hours

A threat for the president

In the event a dangerous emergency occurs, a special helicopter is always
prepared to take off. In this case the security service will use a plan to
guarantee security to the president. According to the plan, the president
can leave the Kremlin territory not only by helicopter, but also by any
other transport. There are several state objects, from where the president
will be able to rule the country in a state of emergency. In Stalin's
times, such an object was situated in the city of Samara. It was Samara,
where the Soviet government was evacuated to, when fascist Germany attacked
the USSR. The long-lasting Cold War years made it possible to organize and
build shelters and security for any scenario. Such centers were built not
only in Samara, but in other cities too, and they are always ready to be used.

The presidential garage

There are not less than 150 cars in the Kremlin. There are Mercedes, ZIL,
Volkswagen, Volvo and other cars among them. Needless to mention, Kremlin
drivers are perfect with their driving skills. In addition, they are
professional shooters.

The Kremlin garage is always half-opened. Three cars usually escort the
president's limousine. The security service chief sits next to the driver.
They wash and examine the president's car after every drive. All cars in
the Kremlin garage are meticulously examined daily. They are tested twice a
month. All cars are polished once a week. This work is entrusted only to

The motorcade

The Russian president drives a custom-made Mercedes. It takes a year or
even longer for the limousine to be ready - the company receives VIP orders
from all over the world. Presidents usually have two limousines - one of
them is meant to be used in case of emergency.

The president does not drive only limos. A minivan is often used too.
Usually, the presidential motorcade consists of five cars. The central car
is escorted by two security vehicles; there is a communication car and a
reserve car. The presidential car can be escorted by SUV vehicles too.

The Kremlin is currently considering the opportunity about a special
helicopter, which the president would use to fly to work, as it is
practiced in Washington. However, there is a big lawn next to the White
House. In the Kremlin, there are churches instead. Helicopter's engine
noise and wind from propeller blades may cause irretrievable damage to
historical monuments and values of the Kremlin.


russians seem to have a bizarre fascination with the power of their leaders, even while they complain about it....also, the italics are mine.