Wednesday, August 25, 2004

a few changes

in anticipation of my impending departure, i've made a few minor changes. i am in the united states until monday, but i've updated the timestamping and what not to where i'll be in russia. i likely won't be on aim much if at all for the next year, so if you're looking to get a hold of me, email is the safest bet. also posts to this blog are automatically emailed to me, so that works too.

what else. hopefully i'll be able to post pictures from russia, but i'll have to find some place where i can run google/blogger's photo uploading program. also i should mention that this blog is going to take a turn for the more personal, although i'll try to keep it above the standard livejournal material. i've already cast my vote for novemeber 2004, so i think i might step back from our domestic problems and focus more on russia and russian american politics. those are the changes for now. if anyone has any ideas for cool site design changes, those would be appreciated. for those who haven't noticed, this blog is designed from a template with only very minor modifications. for example, someone should probably make me a spiffy header graphic. for example.