Sunday, August 29, 2004

The Greatest Generation...and it's idiot.

Read the full article and see the video at For those of you who are just joining us, this is considering Bob Dole publicly said that Kerry's wounds were superficial and that he never really spilt blood.
Democrats now have an unlikely ally in their quest to prove that Bush has a history of these kinds of dirty tricks: Bob Dole. No one has done more to lend establishment respectability to the falsehoods being peddled against Kerry than Dole. The former Senate majority leader and 1996 presidential nominee of the Republican Party made several demonstrably false statements about John Kerry's war record this past Sunday on CNN's Late Edition before saying that 'not every one of these people can be Republican liars. There's got to be some truth to the charges.'

But Dole also made another statement that day, one that hasn't been aired until now. Of McCain's charge to President Bush during a 2000 debate 'You should be ashamed' Dole told Wolf Blitzer, 'He was right.' Dole made the remark off-air, while CNN broadcast the Kerry ad called 'Old Tricks,' the one featuring McCain's 2000 debate remarks. The campaign stopped airing it recently at McCain's request.

Well Bob, that's pretty embarrassing. Maybe it's time for you to stick to pharmaceutical endorsements. And maybe it's time to start taking something for your memory.