Friday, August 27, 2004

in other good news

middlebury finally over-nighted me my visa and passport, so in all likelihood i will be flying to russia on monday. i sold two more textbooks on, including ben rifkin's opus, grammatika v kontekste. now if someone will only buy the damn workbook...

also - another note for russian school comrades, or anyone else going abroad next year. i'm not sure if this is particular to maine, but i was able to vote already even though the state hasn't received absentee ballots yet. in maine at least (maybe in your state too!), i was able to fill out a blank absentee ballot request form or something like that. basically it's a ballot without the candidates' names, so you'll have to remember not only whom not to vote for, and whom else not to vote for, but also john kerry and john edwards. that goes out especially to Матвей Матвеевич и Алина Ктознаетовна in arizona. also Даня in ohio. i'll bet Даня won't see this though. also, be sure to find out ahead of time if you have any other democrats running for national office in your state! tom allen for maine's first district in 2004!

scott rose out.