Friday, August 27, 2004

Liberal MP has no apology for calling U.S. missile defence supporters idiots

i guess i'll join the coalition of intolerant zealots too, although i've no real interest in damaging american-canadian relations. i've only met good canadians.

Prime Minister Paul Martin has urged Carolyn Parrish to withdraw her latest anti-American slur but hasn't demanded she apologize. The maverick Liberal MP says she won't back down. Parrish was just stating the obvious when she called missile defence supporters a "coalition of the idiots," she said in an interview. And she'd do it again. "I believe in free speech and I am a colourful speaker. I occasionally will use terms that other people find bold.

"This is too important a debate to be derailed by those kinds of comments," he said after a cabinet meeting Thursday. But Parrish won't be penalized, he said. Critics said that's a failure to rein in an intolerant "zealot" who will further damage Canada-U.S. relations.

Parrish made international headlines last year for publicly muttering: "Damn Americans, I hate the bastards."

well, i never!