Friday, September 17, 2004

2nd locomotive game, 1st arrest, pictures

So last night we went to our second locomotive game, and they managed to lose again. According to the team's website, they won a couple games in the interim, but I wasn't at them. This time they lost 3-0, but the last one was scored on an empty goal. I took a lot of pictures at the game, but most of them didn't come out terribly well and they probably won't be posted until after the weekend.

After the game josh and i had dinner at cafe 'kombat' (this might be the best picture of the night), and headed home relatively early. Right after josh headed off down his road, i was stopped at a little police kiosk and detained in a miniature cell. They were giving me a hard time about my documents and things not being in order, but it was pretty clear they were just trying to scare me into giving them some money. I didn't really have anything to worry about because my papers were all in order, and wasn't doing anything wrong. Fortunately my russian came through and the two cops who were waiting inside the kiosk didn't realize i was an american until after the other cop told them. so they closed the little cell door and sat around smirking and smoking cigarrettes, and acting like they were looking at my papers.

They made me sit in their little cell for maybe 10 minutes and kept asking me questions...why all the photocopies were so shitty, were these even real documents, where i was studying, why and for how long i was in yaroslavl, and what i was doing out by myself (don't you have friends?) i explained that we'd all just split up to go home after the match, and they got excited when they found out i'd been out rooting for the home team. We ended up chatting about hockey for a little while, and they told me I could get out of the cell and sit down inside the kiosk and talk with them some more. I guess the one good surprise of the night was when one of them asked me, roughly: so, how do you feel about niggers?

uhm. i'm still not really sure what they were looking for, because when i told them i don't really have problems with anyone i got a possibly sarcastic 'oh, thank god.' anyway, they turned out to be all right, and they seemed to respect the fact that i was learning the language and could speak well enough to keep my head above water...they offered me a cigarrette and asked me about home, and how i liked yaroslavl, and were pretty obviously just bored out of their skulls. they let me go and wished me well after about 15 minutes, and that was that.

We were supposed to go mushroom hunting today, but that was postponed until monday due to the weather. Not much planned for the housekeeper is gone until sunday again, so i'm pretty much free to sleep late and study/watch tv/wander around the city/eat when i'm hungry. things couldn't be better here.