Monday, September 13, 2004

already late

I was planning on hitting the streets tonight and taking some pretty pictures of Yaroslavl', but it's already getting late and I'm getting lazy. It'll probably be another few days before I can post them anyway because the USB cables here at the net cafe aren't the right size for my camera.

So what else? I'm getting used to being here. I'm getting used to not smiling (or even looking at people) on the street. I recognize the stray dogs around where I live. I spend a lot of time reheating soup, and also stirring. I think i've almost figured out how to correctly buy groceries, which requires: a) telling one girl what you want and the prices of what you want, b) getting a receipt from that girl for those items, c)paying a different girl out a counter and getting a receipt from her, d) bring the paid receipt back to the first girl, who then collects the various items. But, that seems to vary from store to store, and as much as you can work up your hate for the big chains of western stores, there's something to be said for convenience.

I have three minutes left, so i'm going to post this far. I might be back soon, as net zone owes me change, and since they probably still don't have it , I'll likely have to settle for some more time on the computer. So, this is likely to be continued in the very near future.