Thursday, September 23, 2004

evgenii onegin, party at anya's, words for thursday

class is out for the day. i just had two hours of literature, during which we talked about pushkin's novel in verse Евгений Онегин (eugene onegin). in the middle of the second hour a young guy burst in, asked if we were the american students, and started telling us that there would be a party at anya's place on friday, that we were invited and that we should call such and such a number (the suches of which i know), and, by the way, may he write the number on the board?

our literature teacher, who is only in her late twenties or so had no idea what to do, and just gave him a marker. the whole thing was even funnier because anya is a friend of our middlebury coordinator here in yaroslavl'. on top of that, the program coordinator from moscow was here in yaroslavl' today, and happened to be sitting in on our literature course to see how things were going with the new teacher.

our teacher made a poised recovery after he left, and all proceeded more or less normally from there.


"А счастье было так возможно,
Так близко!.. Но судьба моя
Уж решена. Неосторожно,
Быть может, поступила я:
Меня с слезами заклинаний
Молила мать; для бедной Тани
Все были жребии равны...
Я вышла замуж. Вы должны,
Я вас прошу, меня оставить;
Я знаю: в вашем сердце есть
И гордость, и прямая честь.
Я вас люблю (к чему лукавить?),
Но я другому отдана;
Я буду век ему верна".