Monday, September 06, 2004

laundry, dinner, more wandering

so it turns out doing laundry in the bathtub isn't the most fun i've had since i've been here. i think i'm going to be exploring other options in the near future, including not washing my clothes regularly like the rest of the country.

also i had to laugh the other night. my housekeeper (i'm going to call her that from here on out until i think of something better, because that's basically what the russian term translates to) called her friend's daughter (my age) to cook dinner for me the first night she wasn't going to be home. that was great of course, and i couldn't help enjoying the assumption that i was entirely helpless around the house. which, it turns out, i am. aside from almost certainly bungling the laundry, which is currently drying around the apartment, i made a mess just trying to heat up a dinner that was already prepared for me and i broke a water pot thing with still-too-hot-water. we have tempered glass back home right? i never remember cracking anything with too hot water.

so anyway i was eager to get back out of the empty apartment and wander a little bit. tomorrow i need to miss my first class to go get a visa picture retaken with some very angry and very disinterested photographer, and i need to try to find a more or less equivalent water pot sometime during the day as well.

also, as i sit here in Net Zone i'm realizing that as much as russians love listening to american music, they seem to catch it all about 5 years back. i wish i knew the names of some of these songs, but suffice it to say they all recall kennebunk middle school dances. earlier in the 90's that would have been somewhat more imaginable as everything moved over here more slowly then, but everything is digital now and even in yaroslavl' there has been explosion of western stores and fashions over the past two years (i'm told that's about when it started). so that's just my observation on the american pop music i've heard in the cafes/restaurants/stores etc. i really don't know what people are listening to hear because i still don't really know anyone yet. i guess we're supposed to start looking for a mainstream class tomorrow, in which case i'll be meeting more people, hopefully. also once i get settled in i'm probably going to try to find a chess club or something. our coordinator in yaroslavl' warned me that everyone there would kill me know matter how well i think i play chess, especially the 8 year olds. more on that story as it develops.

well this has been a complaining post, but all things considered it was a good day. oh one more thing. i've seen about 5 grandmother-aged women running around yaroslavl with light purple hair. different ones, i'm sure of it. is this the result of some twisted soviet hair dye? the sulfur in the water? bad taste? i just don't know. i'm sure you're as concerned as i am, so i will keep you posted on this as i learn more.

i think there's a vigil in one of the main squares for the beslan victims. i'm going to go check it out. ciao.