Monday, September 27, 2004

weekend, the magic finger

well i had another great weekend. i'll leave the weekend at that. i have another 50 minutes of grammar with my favorite soviet-era pedagogue, and then i am, well, free until after lunch. i watched tv for a while last night...i wish i could somehow share how ridiculous the tv advertising is. the animation, the music, the acting...all the actual made in russia ads look like local-tv advertising in america. as in, for the local hardware store. also, you know those made-for-tv crap products? like the magic electro-vibrator pads that you stick to you? the ones that magic the fat away while you're buying more crap on the shopping channel?

they have those all over the place here, but even more ridiculous. my favorite last night was the 'magic-finger'... it's some gadget you strap onto your finger and then massage yourself. i know i didn't understand all the wonders, but among the promised benefits:

acupuncture (there was a half chinese woman who explained that she thought this was great)
pain relief
quitting smoking

i should mention that this was all c/o some sort of spectacular electricity or magnetism or something. anyway, needless to say, i'm ordering a dozen so i can bring this amazing technology back to the west. also you should see the advertising for what probably ought to be prescription drugs...i don't think russia has an FDA type body yet.