Thursday, September 16, 2004


so it's already been a couple of days since our visit to the ymca, and the pictures more or less speak for themselves...but i had to say something. this 'ymca' was a small gym/sauna/lounge that groups of up to 10 or so can rent out for about $12 an hour. Split among the bunch of us, it was a relatively inexpensive place to hang out and unwind, and the facilities were surpisingly nice. A pretty decent little gym, two separate saunas/jacuzzis/showers, fooseball, table tennis, russian billiards, and a comfortable lounge with a tv and vcr. If anyone's planning on spending anytime in yaroslavl' soon, it's highly recommended. i think it russian it was called ИМКА, but i have no idea what that would stand for...

if you want to know more than that, you're going to have to ask the participants personally.