Thursday, October 14, 2004


it's already getting colder in yaroslavl' - the past few days the neon clock/thermometer on the way to the university has been calling it a bit above freezing. here in 'the classroom' we had to decide (until today) whether we wanted the space heater or the 5 intermittently working stone age computers with internet. so if you've seen a lot of typos in the correspondence home, it's not because we're stupid. it's because we're wearing mittens. this morning someone found another space heater which apparently we can run simultaneously with the computers and no risk of explosions or fires. my entire right side is currently basking in the warmth.

so what else is new in yaroslavl', you ask? not a lot. i saw a woman out walking with an empty baby stroller this morning. i saw that pidgeons do get run over sometimes. i finally found a mainstream course in the university - 5 weeks or so after it began. it's on the history of architecture in russia, and while it wasn't the first class i ran to sign up for, it fit my schedule and i like the professor. on sunday we're meeting at an unfortunate hour in front of the university for an excursion to suzdal to see churches, so if you're a fan of old russian orthodox churches, you know where to turn for pictures monday morning.

i stopped reporting on the locomotiv's trials and triumphs, but they've been winning more than they've been losing lately, and generally playing a lot better. they beat lada 4-2 last night (i watched from home) and they beat spartak 4-1 (i think) last friday. and then there are my two teams back in boston....

anyway i'm heading home. instinct. it's heated, and there is food. more soon.