Sunday, October 31, 2004

happy halloween

i'm celebrating from net zone with a crappy russian candy bar, and techno/porn/counter strike enthusiasts. which is to say, clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. if i set my mind to it, i can simulate just about everything from this northern russian internet cafe.

so we're having our first real snow in yaroslavl'. it started this afternoon around 4 pm and is only now starting to let up. it was one of those first snows in driving wind, so everything is covered with about an inch of snow from one side, which is an interesting first snow. i've taken some pictures already and in all likelihood will head out for a few more after my time here in the palace netzone expires. i can't post the pictures from here, but since i don't have much to do tomorrow i'll probably go to the university and see if i can get into our classroom.

so most of my american cohorts have already left yaroslavl' for their holiday travels and i was looking at a relatively uninteresting night between home and the internet cafe when hunter called out of the blue to say that he'd ended up in yaroslavl'. he and a friend are taking a bus tour with a bunch of russian tourists of the 'golden ring,' which, if you've foolishly been following my posts, you'd know is the circle of old russian cities in the north with lots of rotting old churches. i found them (hunter, bren and the churches) out in the cold at the end of ulitza kirova and we first stopped in at кафе актёр, which was crowded and generally crappy as usual. but i said i'd give it another try, and i did. so we went to my new hangout, МакМастер, the mcdonalds ripoff on my block. they have better fries, three beers on tap, and live a mere 2 minutes by foot from my home. so unless i happen to be in desperate need of a decent sandwich, there's little chance i'm going to make the 10 minute hike to mcdonalds or pay 5 rubles (15 cents? 20 cents?) for a tram.

so as i was saying, we ended up at macmacster and thawed out a bit. apparently it's time for me to buy a better scarf and a hat. after they finish dinner at their hotel, we're going to meet up again and see if we can find something interesting to do on a snowy sunday evening in the provinces....