Friday, October 29, 2004

russian glow bowling

so we've found something new to do in yaroslavl' - about 5 minutes from my house there's a bowling alley (with glow bowling at night). there are all of 6 lanes, and by american standards it's pricey, but split among a handful of people it's not too bad. we've already gone twice and somehow last night we made a few interesting friends and ended up staying there until closing. a-yeah. i ended up talking for a long time with a veteran who served in afghanistan, and who apparently had a military tattoo that meant his unit had killed 300 people. i can't independently confirm that because i didn't see that tattoo, but flash, our resident spook, said that he thought he recognized the tattoo. anyway, apparently in about a week one of the other guys is celebrating the birth of his son (at the bowling alley) and i really can't wait to see what that's going to be like.

and so it turns out i'm an awful bowler. the high point of my night was somehow managing a 125, and throwing two strikes and a spare, which left me one pin away from a free pepsi. if i keep wasting my money on bowling, i'm sure sooner or later i'll get that third strike and maybe even my free pepsi, waitress willing. i should add that the second game i somehow managed to half my score with a whopping 10 gutterballs (well, i stopped counting at 10). we were very ostensibly the only people there who would have benefited from bumpers, although i should add that danny's a sharp bowler. as is our fearless leader simone.

it's an interesting experience - the first time we went (during the day) there were about 30 screaming kids and their handler. the second time, it was an entirely different atmosphere. for one thing, it was already pretty late and they had turned the lights off. the balls kept getting stuck at the back of the lane and the mechanic who had to fix it each time just started hanging out behind us. it was smokey, well it's a bar too. so you get the idea. there is a big roulette machine and as danny noticed, like everywhere else in the world, there was the standard assortment of video games. also, there's a shortage of chairs.