Monday, October 25, 2004

vote, damnit. and come eat my apples.

so i'd just like to remind everyone back home that i'm sitting around in russia and there's nothing i can do about the fact that there's an election in a week. i've already voted. please, please, please drag your friends, neighbors, and neighborhood vagrants to the polls. i really don't know how much longer i can haunt the internet cafe, compulsively checking various polling agencies.

larisa anatolievna showed up last night with two 50 lb sacks of apples from her dacha, and i could really use a little help. last night i had apples, apple pirogis, apple juice, and i think there should be left overs for, open invitation for guests. the good news, i guess, is that they're cleaner than our apples because russians don't use pesticides. the bad news, of course, is that we use pesticides for a good reason.