Wednesday, October 20, 2004

'watching' the sox at net-zone

i'm currently in net zone waiting for the red sox - yankees game to start so i can follow it online. it's not really the same, but options are pretty limited in yaroslavl' at midnight for baseball. net zone doesn't sell hot dogs, but they have beer, sukhariki, and about 30 people playing counter strike loudly enough to simulate the stadium experience. i don't know if i'll be able to bring myself to stay for the whole game...the way they're going i might not get to class on time in the morning. anyway, i'm not going to make any predictions publicly.

and a strange phenomenon, which i think is a symptom of my latent homesickness - i've started eating at mcdonalds. Макдоналдс. Биг-Тейсти. I've had lunch there the past two days, and it isn't exactly the most convenient of lunch options from the university. I should add that i've probably eaten in macdonalds in america a grand total of 3 times in the past 5 years, maybe fewer. i always thought that the big mac had tomatos, ketchup, mustard, and know, the works. but in russia no dice. i've turned to the 'big tasty' burger, which i'd never heard of until i got to yaroslavl'. it's a genuinely large hamburger with lettuce, tomato, and some kind of tasty-sauce. as it turns out, mcdonalds in yaroslavl' (i've only been to the larger of the two) isn't tremendously interesting because for the most part it's exactly like a mcdonalds in america (although cleaner and better staffed than most). you have to pay for ketchup. that was sort of odd. i think it's 7.5 rubles for a packet of ketchup. that's about 25 cents USD.

and somehow i forgot that 12-8= 4. which puts the sox game into tomorrow morning, my time. i'd just delete the whole post, but it's funnier for everyone this way. i could have just (finally) gotten some sleep and checked out the game from the university tomorrow morning when it will (probably) be almost over. unless they play for 18 innings....