Saturday, October 23, 2004

yaroslavl and burlington

i found out a while ago, but have constantly been forgetting to mention, that yaroslavl' is a sister city of burlington vermont. there's a big rock outside the cafe i ate at last night with a list of all the other cities. i'm not really sure what the program does, or whether there is any formal exchange of people/correspondence etc. but i was sufficiently surprised to see the name of a familiar little town on a rock in central russia to mention it here.

i'm not really sure how yaroslavl' and burlington ended up together, but then, i don't really know what the sister city criteria are. in the center, burlington almost seems like a bigger city because of the higher buildings and what not - yaroslavl' is much more spread out and buildings higher than 5 stories are banned in the center of the town. i live on the ninth (and highest) floor of a building that was built 'accidentally' in the 70's, so i have a great view of the city. yaroslavl' doesn't really have a body of water so vast as lake champlain, but the convergence of the volga and kotorosi rivers and the park in the area has a similar feel. i don't even know what the population of burlington is, but i don't think it's close to the 700,000 or so in yaroslavl'. i'm just glad we're all friends again.