Sunday, November 21, 2004


so it snows a lot here, now. it's looking like i'm probably going have to buy a hat soon. i'm probably going to hold off on strangling my own stray dog, like danny, and maybe just buy a knit cap. although i really do hate старый город....

it seems that my host mom has skipped out... i guess she's in moscow? i don't really know. she said she'd been planning on going to moscow, and she doesn't seem to be in yaroslavl'. the freezer is stuffed with bags of pilmeni, which i'm taking as a 'goodbye,' and 'i'll be back eventually, when the pilmeni run out.' anyway if anyone wants to drop by tonight, i'm going to 'fry' bread and maybe a potato. also maybe watch a movie.

so we're probably getting pretty close to the end of the semester, which means i probably will have a lot of work to do soon. as long as i'm not looking at a calendar, i can't be sure. as winter sets in, i'm growing less and less interested in fleeing to europe on vacation. i don't really know why, but everything here is suddenly starting to make a lot more sense, with the glaring exception of the umbrella question. russians are the most umbrella-carrying people i've ever seen, but as soon as it stops raining and starts snowing, they shelve the umbrellas until, well, june. i don't really see the difference. but i don't really carry an umbrella.