Wednesday, November 24, 2004

mittens, kick the bottle, bowling (?)

well i have about ten minutes left in the net zone, and i thought it was about time for a hasty dispatch to say that i'm alive and well. it's been around -15 C here in the mornings, so i decided it was finally time to buy a hat and some mittens. ashley and i went down to старый город, the local market, and we more or less found what we were looking for. i got some really cool mittens which are kind of dark brown leather on the outside and wool or something on the inside. they also have crazy seams all over them, and look sort of like boxing gloves. i like that.

that hat choice was maybe a little less fortunate - a mad-bomber style one (with the furry flap out front and the two ear flaps that you can pull down). anyway, it's a little silly looking (and not that i have anything against this style in general - i really like the better made ones), but warm as hell. i didn't have the heart to wear it to the movies today, fearing getting laughed out of the car, but my mittens went over well. saw a really awful american film at rodina - the whole thing was basically a big nokia advertisement. i think it's called cell phone, or something? anyway, yaroslavl' comrades - rodina is a pretty nice theatre, and definitely worth checking out if you're getting tired of Evropa. there's also a nice cafe for coffee.

and kick the bottle? well that's what an apparently unattended 3-ish year old is doing up and down kirova.

well, time's up here. more soon.