Wednesday, November 03, 2004

what's next.

so i really didn't think it was possible. america's voted, and it'll get what it has coming. congratulations.

so here are maybe the few points of consolation that i've managed to scrape together.

4 more years. Well there you go guys, 4 more big ones. Super. The Bush Administration is finally going to have to answer for what it's done. If Kerry had won, we'd still have had a crappy four years ahead of us, and Kerry would have had nothing in particular to differentiate himself from Bush. Kerry would have gone down with Bush's ship - this way, there's no dodging the responsibility. It's a loser's consolation, i know we're losing the supreme court, i know we're losing a lot, but at least we'll have something to keep fighting. And I don't know, I guess I didn't really expect to see Daschle go. Even with the losses in the Congress, I'm holding out hope that the moderate Republicans are going to start breaking with the administration when they see that the all around (and particularly fiscal) policy irresponsibility is not sustainable. Support for all of this is going to fall out soon, and I don't know where it will start. Probably not the nascar dads. But no matter who won the election, there's no getting around the fact that the first four years of Bush were bad ones. Not everyone knows it yet, but it won't take history to vindicate us. I guess more than anything, what's keeping me going is knowing that the Bush administration is going to be on the defensive. They'll have to be. There will be banter of a mandate or whatever for a few weeks, and then what? Triuphantly and stubornly soldiering on?

So that's all that's left. Challenge the vote in Ohio, i guess. It doesn't look real promising. We've got another four years, and if we fight tooth and nail like we fought for the election, we'll get through them somehow. I guess i'm just really bitter, and my friends are waiting to take me out and show me moscow. I'm not going to proofread or regularize my capitalization. Or look for coherency or even relevance. not even going to speel check. I'm going to go get really disengaged from everything around me about a week, and then think about what's next. Good luck to the rest of you.