Thursday, December 02, 2004

a few things

first and foremost - a few new pictures. and a few small changes around the site... i killed a few old links and the banner for kerry/edwards. sorry kerry/edwards. i was never so much for you as i am against bush. i'm in the market for a good anti bush banner/button though, so leave some suggestions. or create your own! (?)

a few is 2, right?

well it's about 32 degrees farenheit here today, which is a treat from the 5 degrees yesterday. that means a layer of slush, but enough ice left to still slip and fall in the slush. so you'll get wet. on the various red thermometer clocks in yaroslavl that would look like 0 degrees and -15. that's the ol' celsius. the clock nearest my appartment is always about 3 degrees warmer than the other clocks around, which is lousy when it's really cold and i'm looking for some affirmation that it is, in fact -15 and not, say, -12. he's a big fat phooooooony. i guess it will probably get colder here in the next month or so. we'll see.