Saturday, December 18, 2004

nearing the end...

so the semester is winding down and all of my middlebury classes have ended. on monday we're taking a walking tour of yaroslavl and individually talking about different churches to our architecture professor. i have to read about Церковь Николы Мокрого. Nicholas the wet? I guess it was built on a swamp. I still don't really know much about it yet, but that's coming. that's on the way.

Then tuesday we have our final exam after class, which will be an oral test of our knowledge of general russian architecture and then specific buildings. this should be really great. thanks to ashley we all have photocopies of a middle-schoolish architecture book with lots of pictures. it's a start anyway, since our notes from class are entirely incoherent.

and so that's the bad news. the good news is that after tuesday afternoon i am going to be enjoying yaroslavl' and russia and free free time. how are things back home? middlebury's probably just finishing up their exams this week right?