Wednesday, December 08, 2004

substance abuse culture

3:30ish am local time, and i'm mad dashing a paper on the lyrics of afanasy fet for 11 am (earlier if i want to do my grammar homework and get to class). needless to say, i'm looking for a buzz. that's right. caffeine. vitamin c. oh that's right, i went there. i had to wake up the girl behind the bar to get a cup of instant coffee, and i decided to order two (i think sobe - sobe is with the two lizards right?) of those little looks-like-red-bull energy drinks. the girl looked at me in complete amazement and said that that's impossible, impossible! you can't drink two of those at once!!!

i almost laughed at her, and at the huge amount of alcohol behind her that I could have been purchasing without a doubt in her mind at any hour of the day or night, and at the fact that the sugar can industry has done so well marketing their basically placebo effect juice in russia. anyway, staying awake i am.

now i actually am laughing at how much more work i have to do, and how i'm writing a blog entry and even thinking about answering an email....

Спросила дочка Толстого Фету, "что лучше: любить или быть любимой?" Ответил он, "Одно без другого плохо."