Monday, January 31, 2005

...still kicking around

i've still a week left of vacation here in yaroslavl, and i'm enjoying every moment of it. i've been going to this really soviet-era gym and working out with a couple of my friends lately, which has been great. the gym will merit its own post a little later when i get around to taking some pictures. and i've been rereading things that i struggled through last summer at russian camp, which is a really good feeling.

the superbowl will be starting for my would-be first day of classes, so i think i might take a sick day on the first monday of the new semester. since i missed the first 6 weeks of my "mainstream" university course last semester, i think i should be able to catch up all right. also, i was wandering around with sergei last night looking for a store open at midnight near the second net zone building, when i accidently discovered the church that i gave my architecture presentation on. i'd been looking for it for a while, and then there it was.

i actually missed a lot of good pictures - i've gotten lazy about carrying the camera around with me all the time. picture of the evening would have been sergei & zhenya singing "elechka" at 3 am on top of this giant mushroom looking thing in the playground on ploshchad' yunosti. also an impromptu match of 'tzar of the mountain' on a snowbank near the hole. yes, they actually call it 'tzar of the mountain.' and to think that we had so much in common after all....