Monday, April 04, 2005

tales from the kitchen, rats, etc

so i learned how to make оладьи, which are little fried pancake things, and one of the better things that's ever come out of a russian kitchen. up there with fried bread, if you've been reading along. the recipe, again, is not precise. dump some kefir (ie soured milk, as nearly as i understand it) in a bowl. then dump flower, an egg, some salt, some sugar and some baking soda in. proportions here - ни при чем. wing it. if there's anything lying around, you can dump that in too. then stir it up and fry it in oil. if you burn them, do what my host mom does. call them "gypsies" and "dogs." she really likes gypsies though, so i don't really understand the mentality. she watches some russian/gypsy soap opera religiously, and to a point where i already have a passive understanding of the plot. from, for example, sticking my head in the living room to say i'm going. or my head in the kitchen in the morning to say i'm going.

what else. there was something else from the kitchen. oh yeah. my host mom recently made me a soup. she got me to eat about half of it, and then asked me how it was. it was ok, and i told her it was good. so far, nothing new. then she started to tell me about the ingredients. beans, vegetables etc etc. and four types of kilbasa. oh, wait just kidding! three types of kilbasa and one type of tongue.

i'd never made it known to her that i'd rather not eat anything's tongue, but some things go unspoken. as a feller says. anyway it was too late to protest and i finished the tongue soup. there's something to be said for vegetarian's in that blank refusals to eat meat things is a good defense against unfortunate body parts ending up in your chow.

i guess the rats is a pretty quick story too. it's spring and rats are showing up. to eat the garbage that's melting into view. i saw one (for the first time) on the first floor of my building, and one (for the second time) in the hole. in the past few days. i also recently read that rats can laugh. and that prairie dogs talk and magic scorpions dance in parisian bath tubs.

i just don't know

oh, and for the record, go ahead and mourn the pope, but take a minute to think about the people dying of HIV/AIDS in Africa and starving in Latin America because the catholic church told them using condoms is a sin. i'm sorry dear readers, but that's a tough one to forgive the favorite father. the catholic church should be looking out for its faithful.